The Lump King is a sludge goblin of moderate reputation among his peers.

   Like most goblins, he was born a human child, but was stolen away by fiendish hands one night. In time, he grew to respect and admire his captors, eventually fulfilling their wishes to raise an army and spread misery through human territory.

  Contrary to the misdeeds he ultimately committed, he retained a deep affection and curiosity for humanity. For this reason, he began to project his astral self into human society during dreams, so that he could experience their condition firsthand. His fascination with the mundane led him to assimilate by taking a job as a clerk with the city of San Antonio, and use this experience to write music about the ordinary joys and pains he observed. 


  His debut EP was released independently on Jul. 3rd of this year, following his debut singles "Slippery", and "passenger" which feature layers of soft vocals over airy synth patches and guitars. 


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Indie musician, sludge goblin, and unwelcome house guest of the year.